Skipper Collar Tunic - Coffee Brown

Rs. 3,141.00
Rs. 3,490.00
Rs. 3,141.00

A casual yet sophisticated tunic

| Fit & Size |

> Split V neck with collar
> Relaxed fit
> Side seam pockets and slits
> Curved hemline
> The length of the tunic is 26"
> The model is wearing size S(Small).

| Model's measurements |

Models measurements - Height 5 feet 6 inches, Bust 35inches, Waist 26inches,, Hips 35inches

| Material Composition |

>The tunic is made from luxurious and silky smooth linen-modal fabric.
>Linen is a natural fibre derived from the flax plant, while modal is a semi-synthetic fibre made from beech tree pulp.
>Linen's natural moisture-wicking properties, combined with modal's absorbency, make this fabric effective in managing moisture and keeping the body dry.
>The fabric is known for its breathability, allowing air circulation and keeping you cool in warm weather.

| Wash Care Instructions |

> Use cold or lukewarm water to wash the clothes. Hand washing is preferred to maintain its delicate texture
> Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the fibres and affect the colour of the fabric.
> If machine washing is necessary, use a gentle cycle with cold water
> Hang the fabric to dry in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight, to prevent colour fading and maintain its shape
> If necessary, use a low heat setting when ironing the clothes
> Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and damp environments

| Customization Available |

After placing the order, please WhatsApp us on +919380598199 or mail us on with your order no. for any customisation requests.

All items are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving the order
Returns accepted within 7 days of delivery. We do not accept returns for beauty products, candles and other consumables
Items need to be in unused condition with all tags intact
For more details please refer to our shipping & returns section
How this product is sustainable

- Created using natural, biodegradable material and trims
- Processed with toxin free chemicals
- Manufactured under ethical conditions
- Built for ease of recycling or regeneration
Skipper Collar Tunic - Coffee Brown

Skipper Collar Tunic - Coffee Brown

Rs. 3,490.00 Rs. 3,141.00

Skipper Collar Tunic - Coffee Brown

Rs. 3,490.00 Rs. 3,141.00
Color: Coffee
Size: XXS

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