• Wear your values to work

    Wear your values to work
    It is often said that the clothes we wear reflect who we are and what we stand for. This can be particularly true in a business setting, where the way we dress can impact the way we are perceived by others. Business wear is often associated with a level of formality and professionalism. It is important for business leaders to dress appropriately for the...
  • Urban Greens > Delhi

    Urban Greens > Delhi
    Here’s a small list of our favourite gems in Delhi, places that are perfect for a solitary stroll, for lazily hanging out with friends, or a cozy picnic date. Hope you get a chance to discover these places, or rediscover them from a new perspective, every time you visit.
  • Simple Joys

    Simple Joys
    In the late 21st century, the cult of productivity and busy-ness has played out to be the core theme of human existence. Our obsession with doing more things, more quickly and squeezing in a little more juice from our already drained physical & mental faculties has led to a collective fatigue in the generation.
  • Modern Classic Music > Saltpetre recommends

    Modern Classic Music > Saltpetre recommends
    For our modern classic series, we have picked our five favourite songs of all time. We hope these remind you of extraordinary artists, who took the world by storm, with their genius to put complex tunes, feelings and emotions so simply that they became the universal reference point of expression for the future generations.
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