• Modern classic books > Saltpetre recommends:

    Modern classic books > Saltpetre recommends:
    First in the series, we remember  books that changed the course of history by setting themselves as benchmarks for further writing. We hope that this list reminds you to discover some of the instant modern classics, for reading them for the first time gives a sense of re-reading something familiar. If you’ve already read them, a classic is a book with which re-reading offers as much...
  • What makes a classic

    What makes a classic
    Classics offer a sense of discovery but at the same time a familiarity, like re-reading something about your own self. As a part of this series, we explore and reflect on works of literature, music, design, art , architecture, fashion and more that helped in setting context for the past, reducing the friction in how we navigate the world today and most importantly, set the...
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