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07 Dec 2020 2 Comments

Going back to an old Mohammad Rafi tune with a cup of hot tea; listening to the Beatles in a cosy corner with a book in hand - classics have a way to disappear in the background effortlessly, and transition into a beautiful melody to sing along to, and when needed,  even move you with the substance they have in their absolute simplicity.

A world saturated with new genres of music, new instruments, artists and technology, going back to the basics can be a much needed relief from the ever increasing noise of the modern world. Along with the obvious nostalgia of living simpler lives in simpler times, some modern classics are packed with so much meaning that they still stand tall over the new and complicated genres of music.

For our modern classic series, we have picked our five favourite songs of all time. We hope these remind you of extraordinary artists, who took the world by storm, with their genius to put complex tunes, feelings and emotions so simply that they became the universal reference point of expression for the future generations.

  • The Beatles- Let it be
  • Written and sung by Paul McCartney, the iconic track was the last Beatles single to be unveiled before he announced his departure from the band. This song reminds us to take a moment, let life take its course and focus on the present. Just Let it be.

    Let It Be- The Beatles

  • Kishore Kumar- Musaafir Hun Yaaron
  • A beautiful travel song by the RD Burman - Kishore Kumar Duo, this is a perfect mellow tune to play in the car, on a long drive. The song talks about the permanence of change, and how life goes on, irrespective of all hardships.

    Musaafir Hun Yaaron- Kishore Kumar

    Kishore Kumar

  • Ben E King - Stand by Me
  • A beautiful composition about friendship, loyalty and love ,.it just has this way of transporting you to another world full of hope, solidarity and togetherness. No one does it quite like Mr. King!

    Ben E King

  • Frank Sinatra- Fly Me to the Moon
  • Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” is centered around the feeling of being deeply in love and being euphoric in your significant other’s presence. Sinatra can be trusted to make cozy evenings at home full of love and romance.

    Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra
  • Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man
  • A perfect song to wind you down from a long day of work, Nobel Winner Mr. Dylan wrote a piece of musical literature so profound,  that the meaning of the lyrics are still interpreted differently by every listener. Such is the universal appeal of the words Dylan wrote. 

    Mr. Tambourine Man- Bob Dylan

    Bob dylan
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